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Dementia Care Facilitator


Dr Shaw & Partners are sad to announce that the Dementia Care Facilitator Project which was launched in February 2016 will be coming to an end at the end of June.  Unfortunately funding for this innovative project has run out.  We have attempted without success to find further funding but, despite appeals to the Scottish Government, no funding has been forthcoming.

The role of the Dementia Care Facilitator (DCF) was to support:

  • someone who has Dementia and would like to know more about local services that could help eg social care, Alzheimer Scotland and charitable organisations;
  • a carer of a person with Dementia who would benefit from additional support;
  • a family member who would like some more information about the diseases causing the Dementia

It has been shown that over the last 15 months the Dementia Care Facilitator has enabled patients with Dementia to remain in their own homes, attend A & E less frequently, request less home visits from their doctor and feel more in control of their lives.  The practice is very sorry that the Project has come to an end and if you feel strongly about this too please write to your local MP.

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Finally, one good piece of news is that the project was entered for the NHS Scotland Poster Awards and selected under the Integrated Care Section.   This poster will be on display at the Scottish Events Campus, Glasgow on 20th and 21st June 2017.


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