Blue Practice


The practice offers excellent LARC (Long Acting Reversible Contraception) services to both registered and non-registered patients.


• Copper Coil
• Mirena Coil
• Nexplanon (implant)


These procedures are offered by two of our GP Partners, Dr Susan Drummond and Dr Heather Molyneux, both of whom have extensive experience as well a as special interest in Women’s Health.


If you feel that one of the above named options might be suitable for you, please telephone the Blue Practice appointments line on 0131 260 9230 and request a 20 minute appointment with either of these GPs. In order to ensure that you are completely aware of, and fully understand the benefits and risks associated with these contraceptive methods, please be advised that this initial appointment will be for a compulsory discussion only. A following appointment will have to be made for the fitting to be carried out.


We do advise that you read over our contraception leaflet which you can find below. This will simply provide some information on each of the contraceptive methods offered by the practice prior to attending your appointment.


 Contraception leaflet