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New patient registration

1.1       If you would like to register as a new patient at the practice, please first see details of the catchment area in the ‘Enquiries’ page of the website. If your address is not within the stated area, you can contact the Health Board on 0131 275 7038 for more information on practices that do cover your area.



1.2       If you hold a British and/or EU passport and would like to register as a new patient with the practice, you must first telephone the practice enquiry line on 0131 260 9233 and you will be given an appointment time. You must attend your appointment in person with photographic proof of identity and appropriate proof of current address. A permanent registration at the practice requires that you will be residing at this address for at least 3 months and your proof should support this.



1.3       Please see accepted examples of documentation below:


Photographic ID

Proof of address

Driving licence (must be in-date) Council tax bill (most recent only)
Passport (must be in-date) Gas bill (dated within the last 3 months)
Bus pass Electricity bill (dated within the last 3 months)
Lease agreement
Official bank statement (most recent only)


Your name on your photographic ID must match that on your proof of address. If you have recently changed your name, you must also provide proof of this e.g. marriage certificate. Proof of address will not be accepted in somebody else’s name.



1.4       If you do not hold a British passport and are originally from out-with the European Union, we require both a passport and one of the above named proofs of address. Please also be prepared to provide proof of current, in-date visa along with proof of work or study. The only documents that will be accepted for this are a contract of employment or a letter from your college/university confirming your place on an official and full time course, along with dates of study. We also require your university/college matriculation card.



1.5       If you are currently a dependent of your spouse/partner/other, you must come to the practice together in order to register with appropriate visas to reflect this. All parties should produce a current, in-date passport as proof of identity along with one of the above listed proofs of address containing both of your names (see section 1.3). Additionally, we require that you provide proof of work or study as detailed in section 1.4 above.


 GPR Registration Form

 Patient Information Sheet: Males 16 years and over

 Patient Information Sheet: Females 16 years and over