Blue Practice

To register children under the age of 16


1.1       Children must attend the practice to register, and must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. Documentation must also be provided at the time of registration. For further details of accepted documents, please see below:




Proof of Identity

Proof of Parent/Guardian Identity

Full Birth Certificate Passport
(abbreviated version will not be accepted) Driving Licence
Passport (optional)

It is also very important that we have a full immunisation history for all newly registered children, so please bring this information with you at the time of registration. Registration will not proceed without this.          


 GPR Registration Form

 Patient Information Sheet: Children 5-15 years

 Patient Information Sheet: Children under 5 years

N.B. Please be advised that we cannot permanently register a child without the permanent registration the parent or guardian with whom they reside. The practice will link together the child’s registration with the rest of their family.